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The Candidate Experience Haunts Back

It certainly can, and it is a really strong buyers’ market for job candidates today. In the U.S., the number of unemployed persons per job opening has hit an all-time low, and employers continue to scramble more than ever to fill hard-to-fill jobs and retain those individuals who help to sustain and grow their business.... read more

Prevent Candidate Dropout: Create a More Respectful and Structured Interviewing Process

We can’t always control the reasons candidates drop out of our recruiting process. Some have compensation expectations we can’t meet. Others don’t feel a connection to our company’s culture. Sometimes a better offer comes along. However, the top two reasons candidates drop out of the recruiting process are definitely in our control: 1) candidates’ time... read more

Planting the Seeds of the Candidate Experience in Corporate America

By Chris Russell on Recruiting Headlines A recap of the recent Talent Board Workshop in New Jersey. On a warm sultry day in central New Jersey I drove down I-95 to New Brunswick just past the campus of Rutgers University and near the headquarters of iconic corporate brand, Johnson & Johnson, to attend a Candidate Experience... read more

5 HR Recruiting Tips You Should Implement Now

By Joseph J. O’Connor on The most successful recruiting methods combine awareness and authenticity There are no easy answers when it comes to effective recruiting practices. The most successful methods combine awareness and authenticity to attract qualified candidates. At ViziRecruiter, we honed in on 5 top HR recruiting techniques that every organization will benefit from.... read more

Employers, Don’t Squander All That Advocate Love!

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s a buyer’s market out there—and I’m not referring to the stock market. I’m talking about the job market. According to recent figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently more open jobs (6.7 million) than there are unemployed job seekers (6.1 million). That means the competition for... read more