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2019 August Talent Board Virtual Conference Recordings

Below is the full recording, as well as each individual session and slides below (we are still waiting on a handful of slides to be approved, thank you). Thank you for watching! Keynote Presentation #1: “Creating a talent marketplace to meet business demands now and in the future” with Meredith Sadoulet, VP Talent Experience, Comcast... read more

Candidate Experience Endings That Can Elevate

After he said it, the words kept rattling around in my head. “We prefer endings that elevate.” Because it’s true, and Dan Pink shared this among other insights from his latest research about the science of timing at the very engaging 2019 California HR Conference. We want the bad news first, and then give us... read more

A Proven Way to Improve the Candidate Experience: Set Expectations

By Kevin W. Grossman Improving the candidate experience can feel like a monumental task. Where do you start? What should you prioritize? If you don’t hire someone, is there any way to create an experience that’s actually positive? After years or research, we know that award-winning organizations with great candidate experiences have one simple thing... read more

The Candidate Today Is Your Employee Tomorrow: Lessons from Sodexo

By Kevin W. Grossman We’ve said it time and time again — the candidate experience is intrinsically linked with the employee experience, and even if you don’t hire a candidate, treating them with respect as a human being can go a long way toward creating a meaningful relationship. Our research shows that candidates who have... read more

Survey Says: What Candidates Want from Employers During the Application Process

By Kevin W. Grossman What do candidates want from employers during the application process? You could guess answers all day, “Family Feud”-style. But we don’t have to guess — we asked over 90,000 candidates what they expect from the hiring process in the 2018 CandE survey. They answered a variety of questions about the candidate... read more