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Future Of Work: How Using AI Creates An Enhanced Candidate And Employee Experience

By Jeanne Meister on Forbes Artificial Intelligence (AI) is penetrating industries from healthcare to advertising, transportation, finance, legal, education, and hospitality. Many of us may have already interacted with a chatbot on platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack, or We Chat. Chatbots are defined as an automated, yet personalized, conversation between software and human users. The... read more

Poetry in Recruiting Motion

I’m happy to be creative as long as you listen to me, please –Interview Haiku, #TheCandEs   When I learned that Hyland, the creators of OnBase, asks candidates to submit a poem as part of their “creative” screening process, I was intrigued to say the least. It’s voluntary, not required, but when their Talent Acquisition... read more

How to Choose Hiring Assessments That Work for You

By Roy Maurer on SHRM Mental ability tests are the ‘single best predictor of job performance,’ expert says. Remember the four V’s the next time you’re being pitched by a selection assessment vendor, Whitney Martin told attendees at the recent Society for Human Resource Management 2018 Talent Conference & Exposition. Martin, the president of ProActive Consulting,... read more

An Interview With Candidate Experience Champion Gerry Crispin

By Nick Price on ERE The latest “career life story” here on ERE: Gerry Crispin’s. Crispin, who’s doing a short talk at ERE this October in Orlando, co-founded the colloquium company CareerXroads and later the Talent Board, which created the candidate experience awards. Recently he has helped in the creation of the Association for Talent Acquisition Professionals. In... read more

Candidate Resentment Calculator

By Ian Alexander on Survale I came across a great tool for measuring ROI for candidate experience at a recent Talent Board Candidate Experience Workshop (of which Survale is a major sponsor). It’s called the Candidate Resentment Calculator. I am told it came from HireRight©, so full credit to HireRight for coming up with it. We’ve... read more