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An Interview With Candidate Experience Champion Gerry Crispin

By Nick Price on ERE The latest “career life story” here on ERE: Gerry Crispin’s. Crispin, who’s doing a short talk at ERE this October in Orlando, co-founded the colloquium company CareerXroads and later the Talent Board, which created the candidate experience awards. Recently he has helped in the creation of the Association for Talent Acquisition Professionals. In... read more

Candidate Resentment Calculator

By Ian Alexander on Survale I came across a great tool for measuring ROI for candidate experience at a recent Talent Board Candidate Experience Workshop (of which Survale is a major sponsor). It’s called the Candidate Resentment Calculator. I am told it came from HireRight©, so full credit to HireRight for coming up with it. We’ve... read more

The Part Where a Recruiter Walks into a CandE Workshop

So, a recruiter walks into a CandE Workshop and says: “One of our candidates got an autoresponder saying we weren’t going to pursue him and thanked him for his time. “He wrote us back and said, ‘I understand you’re not a human, but I’d really like to get some feedback as to why you’re not... read more

Lessons From 2017 Candidate Experience Research

By Mike Temkin of Shaker Recruitment Marketing For the 2017 Talent Board Candidate Experience report 220,000 job seekers from around the world who applied for jobs at 300+ employers were surveyed. Kevin Grossman, President of Global CandE Programs reports the survey clearly documents satisfied candidates, even if they are not hired, will most likely remain... read more

Rewatch the Spring Forward with #TheCandEs Webinar Series

Rewatch these previous webinars from our 2018 Spring Forward with #TheCandEs Webinar Series!   You can rewatch previous webinars in the series here: Rewatch Candidate Communication: Follow Up When You Say You Will – recorded Thursday, March 22, 2018 Rewatch Creating the Perfect Candidate Experience – recorded Tuesday, April 10, 2018 Rewatch You Are Killing... read more