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It’s Expensive to Not Provide Candidates Feedback

By Jan Tegze on Sourcecon The recruiting process is essential for every business as it helps in finding the right talents that are going to help the company grow and be more successful. And as all business owners know, finding these talents is not an easy task. In fact, it is not easy at all,... read more

Turn Those Referrals Frowns Upside Down

“So, when you’re hiring, you’re hiring from a really big pool of angry people on lower wages. Good luck.” —Henry Oliver, Head of Planning, AIA Worldwide (TMP Worldwide), when presenting a the recent 2017 Talent Board EMEA CandE Awards Gala   I’m such a hopeful, overly-optimistic person. And I’m proud of that, too. In a world... read more

The 2017 Talent Board Candidate Experience Research: 4 Takeaways

By Kevin Grossman on TalentCulture How’s your candidate experience looking? And just as importantly, how does it stack up to your competition? In this year’s Talent Board candidate experience 2017 research, we heard from 220,000 job seekers from around the world who applied for jobs at more than 300 employers. Through these candidate surveys, we built a... read more

The Same Old (and New) Candidate Experience Story

If I hear it one more time, I think I’m going to scream. This part: The research reports are great, but it’s the same old story. So, what’s new and fresh? The context of course being the Talent Board global candidate experience research. The overall data from pre-application to onboarding we capture hasn’t had significant... read more

A New Way To Think About Your Candidate Experience – Don’t Just Satisfy, Captivate!

By Shannon Smedstad on exaqueo What happens if you ignore your candidate experience? That is a question the recently released 2017 North American Candidate Experience research report sheds some light on. At a high level, ignoring your candidate experience (or creating a negative experience) will create a ripple effect that will impact your organization’s ability to find... read more