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How video can help humanize your recruiting

Video can bring your job—and company—to life. Here’s how to add this essential tool to your recruitment strategy. By Daniel Bortz, Monster contributor Here’s something you know all too well: To reel in top talent, you need to not just capture their attention—you’ve got to dazzle them. And these days, dazzling means a lot more than... read more

Cashing in on Improving Candidate Experience

“I want my gift to you to be the first gift you open this year. You know why? Because my gift comes with 10 zeroes.” –Jack Campbell, The Family Man Maybe not 10 zeroes, but what about 6? Even if you’ve never seen the above movie, one of my holiday favorites, the main character Jack... read more

Making a Shift in Recruiting: The Candidate Experience

By Ashley Preuss on ClearedJobs.Net At the Best Recruiter 10th Anniversary Celebration, Principal and Co-Founder of CareerXroads Gerry Crispin discusses Talent Board’s vital candidate experience data and how expectations, fairness, accountability, listening, and closure impact candidate experiences in the recruiting process. Recruiting has been evolving for a number of years and the candidate experience in particular... read more

Ideas to curb bad candidate experience, including a free tool

Your hiring efforts should monitor job applicant resentment, which happens when candidates feel spurned by a company’s recruitment process. Here’s how to do just that.   By Scott Wallask on SearchHRSoftware  Applicant resentment in HR is not discussed often, but a bad candidate experience can cost companies future hires — and customers. “The employee experience... read more

The Same Old (And New) Candidate Experience Story

By Kevin Grossman on IBM If I hear it one more time, I think I’m going to scream. This part: The research reports are great, but it’s the same old story. So, what’s new and fresh? The context of course being the Talent Board global candidate experience research. The overall data we capture, from pre-application to onboarding,... read more