2019 Recruitment Marketing CPR: Conversion Process Results

November 19, 2019
Highlights from the Fortune 500 Application Conversion Process Audit and Best Practices to Improve Application Conversion Process to Deliver Better Results  Companies invest significantly in recruitment marketing and talent acquisition to attract and recruit the best talent. Unprecedented unemployment rates make the job of recruiters more difficult than ever.  And the investment made in talent... read more

Influencing the Candidate Experience with the Power of Programmatic

October 30, 2019
Today’s candidates are exposed to thousands of digital brand messages on multiple channels over multiple devices daily.  It is no wonder that brands struggle to collect, connect, analyze, and act on their data to improve both candidate experiences and engagement.  But it doesn’t need to be a challenge. Join Reyes Holdings’ Leanne Murray and Jon... read more

Building a Business Case for Hiring Success – Case Study with Skechers

November 05, 2019
  Retail businesses face incredible recruitment challenges trying to match their candidate experience with their customer experience. In a market ready for digital disruption, how can Talent Acquisition leaders ensure they leverage the very best technologies in order to support resourcing? To answer this question, Adan Villalobos, General Director of Talent Acquisition at Skechers joins... read more

Engaging Candidates in Style: How Talbots Creates Personalized Messaging to Connect with Candidates

October 29, 2019
Work Smart. Reach High. Have Fun. That’s how Talbots defines their culture. In this webinar, you will see how that passion is also reflected in their smart approach to engaging candidates in style. Susan Collins, Director of Talent Acquisition for Talbots alongside Jenny Dang, a former recruiter who currently leads customer success initiatives for GR8... read more

The Future of Hiring: AI and the Candidate Experience

September 12, 2019
Much has been made of how AI can make hiring faster and better for businesses. But does the technology come at the expense of your candidates? AI is the key to creating the next generation of candidate-focused assessments, but without thoughtful implementation, can have negative effects on your candidate. AI has the power to create... read more