“Hey, where’s my reimbursement?” Candidate travel expenses: a case study

September 10, 2019
“Where’s my travel reimbursement?” Usually by the time a candidate asks this question, their experience has already been tainted. Upon fielding inquiries from numerous candidates, one employer effectively addressed its reimbursement process to improve the candidate experience. Follow the journey as Bethany Brown, Manager of Global Talent Acquisition and Candidate Experience for Danaher Corporation, shares... read more

Why The Very First Conversation is Critical To a Positive Candidate Experience

August 21, 2019
The candidate experience is a crucial cog in any well-oiled recruiting machine. Not paying enough attention to your candidate experience can put an end to hiring speed faster than the time it takes to say “join our team”. A candidate’s first impression at the beginning of their recruiting journey can make or break their decision... read more

Do you love your candidates more than bacon?

August 14, 2019
As one of the fastest-growing restaurants in the nation, First Watch is on a mission to deliver the company’s “You First” culture to candidates at scale, with the help of AI. Their unique approach to put everyone first in the organization is at the core of how they attract, hire and retain talent. First Watch... read more

The Magnificent 7: The Essential Elements of a Great Candidate Experience

August 28, 2019
  Too many employers make assumptions about what a great candidate experience looks like. But assumptions about what candidates want aren’t good enough. Are you confident in the quality of your candidate experience? You try to get to candidates quickly, offer a fun personality test, you even have delicious snacks at your interviews. You assume... read more

Where Companies Go Wrong in Delivering Recruitment Content

July 30, 2019
Find out how well the Fortune 500 measure up in the Inbound and Direct Candidate Journey, and get exclusive results from the new 2019 Talemetry Candidate Content Journey Audit Report. Webinar Overview: In recent years, many enterprise talent acquisition functions have tried to differentiate themselves by developing an authentic employer brand with supporting recruitment content.... read more