Your Employer Brand Shouldn’t End When Candidates Click “Apply”

July 31, 2019
Most organizations today understand the importance of a great employer brand in attracting top talent, but often the branding stops once candidates move from the career site to the ATS apply process. This jarring discrepancy between the expectations set by a great career site and the actual application process can cause candidates to become frustrated... read more

Don’t be fooled – the interview experience is more important than you think

May 14, 2019
Think the interview experience doesn’t matter? Guess again! In fact, interviewing is often considered the MOST impactful phase of the hiring process. Not only does it drive the quality of your hire and set candidate expectations, but it also impacts candidate impressions of the organization. A poor candidate experience can affect the bottom line of... read more

How Communication and Feedback Give You a Candidate Competitive Edge

February 19, 2019
Year after year, Talent Board candidate experience benchmark research shows that communication and feedback loops are ongoing differentiators of a more positive candidate experience. Technology can be a powerful ally when it comes to communicating with candidates, and texting is one form of communication definitely on the rise. According to Talent Board research, only 28... read more

Six hiring trends to watch in 2019

January 31, 2019
Talent acquisition success is a moving target. With continued low unemployment, it’s a candidate-centric market, and the expectations of those candidates are higher than ever. We’ve identified 6 hiring trends for 2019 that will give recruiters an edge, from connecting with candidates via technology to the best ways to keep them interested in their opportunity.... read more

Attraction in the Recruitment Process with Linda Tjäder & Stina Scheller, from Wise Professionals

January 31, 2019
We all know that the recruitment process has changed. Today the candidate owns the market and the role as a recruiter is complex and challenging. As a recruiter you’re not only matching a candidate with a company/role. You have to understand the complexity in how to reach out to the candidates and attract them during... read more