Dent Wizard Provides Full Circle Candidate Engagement

August 29, 2018
Most candidate-focused hiring organizations survey candidates periodically to optimize their candidate experience. While this is extremely valuable, there is no opportunity to fix issues in real time, and the data is always “old.” Dent Wizard has raised the bar for candidate feedback and engagement by creating a full-circle candidate engagement experience that starts with first... read more

Hiring 100,000

August 21, 2018
Imagine being responsible for filling 100,000 positions annually – 90,000 of them hourly. Sound impossible? Michael Gruber of Compass Group will tell you their recipe: inspiration, ingredients, and instructions for filling their clients’ talent needs. Join Talent Board, Talent Board member Jim Fox, and Compass Group Senior Vice President Talent Acquisition Michael Gruber, for an... read more

Talent Engagement: Stop Doing The Wrong Stuff & Start Doing the Right Stuff

August 23, 2018
Is talent running for the hills (or to your competitors)? Or, are they lining up at your front door? When they do arrive, are you doing your best to welcome them and show them around? Talent Acquisition professionals have an opportunity to build better candidate engagement practices resulting in improved key performance metrics, including more... read more

Surprising Ways to Improve Candidate Experience Without Impacting the TA Budget

August 09, 2018
Knowing that companies typically invite only their top candidates to an in-person interview, you wonder why the travel booking and interview travel expense reimbursement processes are not better managed. Providing a world-class candidate experience throughout the hiring process to then “drop the ball on the five yard line” can jeopardize a well-planned candidate experience. Join... read more

How to Turn the Candidate Experience into an Employer Branding Strategy

August 16, 2018
Thinking and executing like a marketer has never been truer than for talent acquisition professionals today. Low employment and a tight job market has made recruiting a highly competitive exercise in attracting the individuals who will help grow and sustain your business. According to the Talent Board Candidate Experience Awards Benchmark Research, today’s candidates across... read more