2018 Fortune 500 Candidate Experience Audit Insights – The Importance of Candidate Conversion

November 13, 2018
Best Practices for Improving Your Candidate Experience  • Featuring Highlights from the Fortune 500 Application Conversion Process Audit Companies today are investing significantly in recruitment marketing and talent acquisition to attract and recruit the best talent. In the United States alone, companies spend $160B annually on recruiting. Fifty-nine percent of companies are investing more in... read more

How to Turn Candidate Experience into an Employer Branding Strategy 

November 07, 2018
According to the Talent Board’s Candidate Experience Awards Benchmark Research, companies need to treat their employer brand as a business and understand that candidates are their customers. Those who do it successfully allow candidates to see inside their company and show off the company culture as a place candidates want to be and can see... read more

Why Conversational Recruiting is Your Secret Weapon for Success in 2019

October 30, 2018
The rise of texting, video, social media, and chat platforms has opened up new lines of communication with candidates. Candidates expect to engage where they “live” – on their mobile devices. And they expect speed – immediate gratification is important when it comes to engaging with today’s Millennial and Gen Z candidates. These factors, among... read more

When Your Candidate Experience Needs a Make Over: The Story of a Talent CRM Strategy that Went a Cut Above

September 26, 2018
Who better to talk about a candidate experience make over than the talent acquisition lead from the nation’s largest family-owned and operated chain of hair salons? Jessica Masse from Ratner Companies/Hair Cuttery and Pat Amaral, the Chief Customer Officer for gr8 People, a talent platform for the enterprise, share what it really takes in today’s... read more

Why, When and Where Recruiting Videos Work

October 04, 2018
You can spend an excessive amount of money on recruitment video, or you can film on your phone for free, but how are you sure you are creating a video that will positively and measurably impact your results?  There are many approaches to recruitment video, but not all of them are successful.  Join this 45-minute... read more