Measuring the ROI of Talent Attraction

February 07, 2018
How are you measuring the impact of your talent attraction efforts? Whether you are testing a new AI bot or running an impressions campaign, you need a method to ensure return on investment. Join Melissa Thompson, VP, Talent Acquisition at McGraw Hill Education, and Maury Hanigan, CEO of SparcStart, as they lay out the four... read more

Recruiting and Hiring Considerations for Non-Traditional Students and Graduates

January 23, 2018
  Hiring today is more complex than ever, and when you consider college recruiting, non-traditional students now make up the bulk of undergraduate students. Given the challenges in hiring diversity, retaining diversity, retaining millennials and Gen Z, and developing future leaders, it’s critical to recruit non-traditional students by getting more creative with hiring outreach. Rewatch... read more

Creating an Intentional Candidate Experience : Be Who You Say You Are

January 17, 2018
Good candidate experience doesn’t just happen: it’s carefully and intentionally crafted.  When done right, it can create a positive impact for your brand. Done poorly, it can not only hurt your organization’s reputation, but your bottom line as well. Rewatch this 2018 New Year CandE Strategy Webinar with Crystal Miller Lay, CEO of Branded Strategies, a... read more

Lasting Impressions: Candidate Interview to Offer

November 13, 2017
In our candidate-driven marketplace, the interview, offer and onboarding stages of your hiring process are just as much about the candidate evaluating and engaging you as it is the other way around. How you treat your candidate during these stages determines whether they will accept the offer, remain in your talent pipeline, apply to future... read more

First Impressions: Candidate Attraction to Application

September 26, 2017
Combining a strong yet transparent employer brand with an easy and engaging application experience could give your organization the competitive edge it needs in a tight job market. These first impressions matter, and you can make an instant impact by optimizing the early stages of your recruitment process. Just remember that candidates still can be... read more