How Johnson & Johnson uses Data to Drive Candidate Experience and Measure Results

May 31, 2018
Johnson & Johnson implemented the Net Promoter Score system at the end of 2016 to provide insights into the experiences of our candidates and enable data driven decision making. In September 2017, Johnson & Johnson launched what we called project, “Shine” in the United States and Puerto Rico. Shine is a first of its kind... read more

Crafting a Stellar On-Site Interview Experience

May 07, 2018
Interviewing is tough. Between company research and what can feel like endless interviews, candidates have a lot to prepare for. The candidate journey spans from discovery to closing, but nerves often run at an all-time high in anticipation of the on-site interview. If you want provide a stellar candidate experience, the on-site is your moment... read more

The Candidate’s Lens: What Is It Really Like To Be A Job Candidate Today?

May 15, 2018
Those of us in talent acquisition typically examine the candidate experience from inside the organization looking out. But what can we learn by looking at the hiring process through the candidate’s lens? What are the trends that will shape the candidate’s experience in the future? (Hint: there are a few big ones!). Rewatch this 2018... read more

You Are Killing Your Own Employee Referral Program

April 27, 2018
For many companies, employee referral hires prove to be top quality hires. Research shows that referral hires assimilate more quickly, have greater engagement, and stay at the company longer than non-referral hires. In general, referral hires tend to be among the best hires a company can make. Thus, you want more of them. According to... read more

Creating the Perfect Candidate Experience

April 10, 2018
Creating the perfect candidate experience begins with more than just a website. The digital candidate journey is a hive of activity, vibrant with opportunities yet far more complex to manage than a website so we must think differently and see your website as part of a bigger picture. The good news is you may already... read more