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PivotCX is transforming the way that recruiting gets done. PivotCX empowers Recruiting Teams to make better hires faster through its innovative all-in-one Talent Acquisition Communications Hub. With PivotCX, recruiters are able to engage in personalized conversations with candidates and managers at the scale and speed required to meet their hiring needs.   The PivotCX communication hub integrates with ATS, CRM, and HRIS systems as well as job boards, social media, and career sites to enable automated and person-to-person conversations via Text, Voice, Video, and Email. Data collection and comprehensive dashboards for communications and actionable analytics complete the SaaS solution that’s quickly becoming the go-to tool for Recruiting Teams. PivotCX customers make hires in days instead of weeks, improve Recruiter productivity by as much as 80%, and dramatically improve both the candidate and recruiter experience.

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