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2475 152nd Ave NE, Bldg 17, Suite 2475, Redmond, WA, United States

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Callie Sherrard



Areas of Focus

  • Sourcing
  • Analytics
  • Candidate Experience

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  • Recruiting Technology

Company description

SeekOut is the most trusted talent intelligence platform that enables them, modern recruiter, to find and engage with qualified candidates fast. With SeekOut’s intuitive AI-powered search technology, recruiters and sourcers can tap into underutilized talent pools of millions of global profiles, discover skilled candidates with unprecedented speed and precision, and engage with them instantly by obtaining the right contact information in a single click. - Untapped Talent for Digital Transformation Gain access to 100s of millions of candidates from untapped talent pools including public profiles, GitHub, papers and patents, employee referrals, company alumni, candidates in your ATS, and more - Best-in-industry AI Talent Search Engine Quickly and accurately search top talent using advanced AI/ML techniques, direct search, custom Boolean and power filters Diversity Sourcing, Analytics, and Unconscious Bias Easily create diverse slates with highly qualified female, Hispanic, African American, and veteran candidates, and build an actionable recruiting strategy to meet your company’s diversity and inclusion goals - Talent Analytics for Data-Savvy Recruiters Deeply analyze talent pools and be a strategic advisor to the hiring managers and management - to enable more informed decision-making - Reliable Contact-info & Messaging: Engage & Hire Successfully engage with qualified candidates and receive faster responses with SeekOut’s verified contact information, hyper-personalized content and automated drip campaigns - Unified Solution: Passive, Alumni, Referrals, and ATS Rediscovery Refresh and rediscover the candidates you’ve already seen in your ATS, and search up-to-date profiles using SeekOut. Hire faster and more effectively by leveraging your team’s network and connections, via SeekOut

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