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237 Kearny Street #9035, San Francisco, CA, United States

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Jason Moreau



Areas of Focus

  • Branding
  • HCM
  • Onboarding
  • Performance Management

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  • Recruiting Technology
  • Recruiting Services

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Survale is the first Employer Satisfaction Platform. It provides employers with a single, “always on” solution for automatically gathering, analyzing and acting upon satisfaction and engagement data from candidates as they traverse the hiring process from browsing to interview to onboarding to ongoing employee feedback and more. Survale combines embedded online behavior tracking and surveys, with automatic email and/or Slack survey campaigns to continuously gather feedback and analytics to measure candidate and employee satisfaction, engagement, sentiment, opinion – you name it.  It all comes together in focused dashboard "views" that provide visual metrics and innovative comment "mining" and response capability, giving organizations an ongoing  candidate and employee pulse.

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