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iCIMS Silver iCIMS is the leading provider of talent acquisition solutions that help businesses win the war for top talent. iCIMS empowers companies to manage their hiring process within the industry’s most robust Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Built on the foundation of a talent acquisition software suite that’s designed to be the best, iCIMS’ PaaS framework, UNIFi, allows employers to expand the capabilities of their core talent acquisition technology by integrating with the largest... Recruiting Technology NAM HCM
Orion Mobility Silver Orion makes it easy to quickly reimburse candidates for out-of-pocket travel expenses. Our solution improves the candidate experience while saving employers time and money. Recruiting Technology NAM Mobile
People Results Silver NAM
SmartRecruiters Silver NAM
Sparc Silver Sparc is the candidate attraction tool that uses video, mobile and social sharing to position your jobs where candidates are looking. The best candidates are not scouring job boards, you need to get their attention by putting your jobs in front of them. Sparcs travel on social media, engage candidates with videos of their potential boss. Recruiting Technology NAM Branding
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TalentCulture Silver An open online community exploring the world of work - social business, leadership, innovation, career strategy, HR, recruiting, talent management, learning. Consulting Services
Media Outlet
NAM Branding
Talview Silver NAM
TalVista Silver TalVista provides a view beyond the noise of unconscious bias, ensuring a skilled talent pool and workforce that is more diverse and inclusive. NAM
XOR.ai Silver NAM
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