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Tackling the Elephant – Boring Job Descriptions

Despite all the talk of recruitment marketing and employer brand development, most of us still promote our openings with a job description. We complain that they don’t persuade candidates but can’t imagine recruiting for a position without one. We are overwhelmed by the thought of re-writing all of them. Join us for this engaging webinar as we share research-based tips for enhancing the approach and improving the text, and discuss the challenges and constraints that can be overcome.

Hear a lively and insightful discussion from our all-star panel of:

  • Bethann Weaver, Global Recruiting and Staffing Manager at Eli Lilly
  • Jessica Masterson, Manager Employment Brand and Diversity Recruiting at Allstate Insurance
  • Jim Fox, Recruitment & Human Resource Advisor
  • Maury Hanigan, marketing expert and CEO of SparcStart

In this seminar you will learn:

  • The latest research on candidate behavior and their process for learning about a job
  • Successes and lessons learned from involving the hiring managers in revising job descriptions
  • Constraints and solutions to revising company-wide job descriptions
  • Examples of best practices from companies rethinking their approach

Rewatch this 2018 Spring Forward with #TheCandEs Webinar in a lively and insightful discussion from our all-star panel for an informative 60-minute Talent Board webinar, with a Q&A from May 30th, 2018.