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The Candidate Experience – Redefined

More than half of the 2018 top-ranked 65 CandE Benchmark Companies regularly measure candidate experience. But how are they using this information – and how does it impact their Talent Marketing strategies?

During this webinar, Kevin and Laura will share their insights about what it takes to create a first-class candidate experience – and how technology in combination with a powerful employer brand is helping organizations improve their reputations, engage best-fit talent and boost their organizations’ bottom line. They’ll address how personalization achieved through the use of AI and machine learning is reshaping the dialogue between candidates and recruiters – as well as the value of an omnichannel approach that delivers the right message to candidates, when and where they want to hear it.

Webinar attendees will get a deep dive into the Hilton Grand Vacations story: how they built brand awareness, differentiated themselves within in a competitive market, and nurtured ongoing relationships with a growing pool of engaged and qualified candidates.

You’ll hear tips, techniques and best practices for

  • Determining what success “looks like”
  • Engaging with your target audiences
  • Establishing brand awareness and credibility
  • Implement a sound, flexible recruiting strategy
  • Understanding technology’s impact on your recruiters and candidates

You’ll also have a chance to ask questions and participate in what’s sure to be a lively and informative session, so join us Wednesday, June 12th from 2-3 PM – Register Today!

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