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Infographic: The New Candidate Experience Journey

by Chris Brablc at SmashFly Technologies It?s no secret that talent acquisition is evolving faster than it ever has, and much of it is due to what we like to call the ?consumerization of the candidate experience.? Candidates expect an experience on par with the consumer experience: transparent, relationship-based, personalized and flexible. So what does...

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The number of candidates who responded to the 2014 Candidate Viewpoint survey
The percentage of CandE employer participants with under 10 resources in Talent Acquisition
The average number of minutes candidates invest in the application process
The percentage candidates with a negative experience who receive no feedback when removed from the recruiting process
The percentage of candidates that will share a negative experience on their social networks
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The Talent Board @TheCandEs

May 28 2015 05:33pm
Register now! The Second Annual #CandidateExperience Symposium is happening Sept. 30-Oct. 2 in Texas. Learn more: http://t.co/3HjDPFbTP6 #HR

The Talent Board @TheCandEs

May 28 2015 04:11pm
#CandE101 webinar starting at 10am PDT! Learn to improve your #CandidateExperience with @elaineorler! Register now: http://t.co/HVIDP5RNjQ

The Talent Board @TheCandEs

May 28 2015 12:22am
Unable to attend a #CandidateExperience workshop? Register for our online #CandE101 webinar! 5/28 10am-12pm PDT http://t.co/HVIDP5RNjQ


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