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The number of candidates who responded to the 2014 Candidate Viewpoint survey
The percentage of CandE employer participants with under 10 resources in Talent Acquisition
The average number of minutes candidates invest in the application process
The percentage candidates with a negative experience who receive no feedback when removed from the recruiting process
The percentage of candidates that will share a negative experience on their social networks
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Michele Ellner @EllnerEllner

Nov 29 2015 15:52pm
Talent Acquisition: Why Should Candidates Spend Their Energy On You? @cbrablc #HR #recruiting #TheCandEs #TChat

RecruitiFi @RecruitiFi

Nov 29 2015 14:05pm
Whitepaper: Creating a #CandidateExperience You Can Be Proud Of #HR

Ingfield Ainsten™ @KeniticChoy

Nov 29 2015 13:55pm
RT @Avature: Having trouble engaging the right #Talent? Discover key data to boost #CandidateExperience…


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