The NAM CandE Awards program consists of three survey rounds. Round One is comprised of a multidimensional survey designed to capture and evaluate a company’s recruitment processes and practices that impact the candidate experience. Companies that complete the first round submission process receive a complimentary Employer Benchmark Report, and those wish to get feedback from their candidates and compete for the award are invited to participate in round two of the competition, the candidate survey.

Round Two takes the survey to the candidate through a random sampling of the company’s 2014- 2015 candidates. Companies that meet criteria for both rounds one and two will be awarded a “2015 CandE Award Winner” designation stamp. Winning companies will be asked about their unique approach to improving the candidate experience through video interviews that will be reviewed by the CandE Awards judging panel to determine areas of distinction.

Applying is simple and the full survey will take approximately 90 – 120 minutes of your time.

  1. Once registration is open, click the Apply Now button to register your company by completing a brief 11 question survey (view the questions in advance here). Registration for North America will close on May 1, 2015 11:59 pm PDT.
  2. Beginning the week of March 16, 2015, once the registration is completed, in approximately 5 business days, you will receive an email with a survey link unique for your company and associated to the email address from the company registration. This link can be used to access your full survey until the point where you confirm your final submission.



Round One of the CandE awards consists of approximately 64 questions about corporate applicant processes and practices that deliver the candidate experience. It is estimated that this phase of the survey will take between 90 to 120 minutes to complete. The registration for the 2015 North America Awards will open the week of  March 16, 2015.   To begin the application you will need to complete the registration survey for your company by clicking the “Apply Now” button when it is available on the site. The full survey can be completed in one discrete session or, can be saved for those who need to complete the survey in more than one session. You can return using your unique link. Please note that while aggregate data will be published at the end of the program, each company’s response will be treated as confidential.

The companies that complete the full survey on candidate experience in Round One will become eligible to move to Round Two of the CandEs. Upon completion of Round One, Talent Board will notify companies of the requirements to participate in Round Two (usually within 2-3 weeks of Round One completion). The names of companies that do not meet theCandE award designation will remain confidential but ALL applicants will receive feedback and access to benchmarking data on  how their responses related to the applicant group as a whole once the award process is completed.

If you are new to the CandEs or just need a refresher, click here to download “How to Apply to the Candidate Experience Awards and What to Expect” guide.


Round Two of the survey applies to companies that are CandE award eligible and willing to assist us to confidentially survey a sample of their 2014-2015 employment candidates. The details and methodology for surveying candidates will be provided to each qualifying company prior to the administration of the survey, and participants will have the opportunity to opt out of the survey if they choose. Talent Board will administer the survey and tabulate the results. Each participant will receive a copy of their candidate survey response data and, assuming that core practices are confirmed, will be designated as a 2015 CandE Award winner. Companies who win the CandE award designation will receive a digital emblem for display on their career pages and a trophy. Companies receiving the designation will also be listed on this website, included in the winners press release and be recognized and celebrated at the 2015 CandE Award Announcement and Banquet during the 2015 Candidate Experience Symposium.


Based on the results of the previous two rounds, a subset of participants, will become eligible for the “CandE With Distinction” honor. Round Three will involve an interview by a panel of judges. The judges will substantiate the company’s responses and provide the staffing leadership of each entrant with the opportunity to tell their “story” about producing excellent candidate experience. Based on these interviews, some CandE Award winners will be recognized and have the notation “With Distinction” appended to their award. Their unique stories will be also be included in the yearly whitepaper research.

All CandE Award winners will be recognized and celebrated during the 2015 Candidate Experience Symposium at the Awards Banquet .

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to apply to the C&E Award?
What are the benefits of applying to the C&E Award?
In exchange for investing the 30-90 minutes necessary to complete the survey, each applicant will, at a minimum, receive specific survey feedback on how they compare to the applicant group. In other words, each applicant will get specific feedback on how they can improve their candidate experience. Companies that WIN the award will be recognized publicly for their excellence and each winner will receive a digital logo to proudly display on their employment marketing materials.
Why North America? Why not have it for other countries?
We hope this award will be global in a few years. Globally, there are cultural nuances about the candidate experience that will require more study as we expand to other countries, as well as technologies that may or may not be present, so we currently make the award available to companies in North America and the United Kingdom.    
Is their any risk that our poor practices will be revealed or exposed?
NO. Each applicant’s responses will be treated as confidential information. Only applicants that win the award will be revealed. The identity of companies that apply, but not win, will not be revealed.