To the Job-Seeker,

The Candidate Experience Awards (the “CandE” Awards) was created by veterans of the recruiting industry to help employment candidates have a better experience when they apply for work. The organization behind the CandE awards is the Talent Board, a non-profit research organization.  The Talent Board recognizes that finding new employment is inherently stressful for most job seekers and their families.  Our mission is to help employers and candidates to have a more effective, efficient, and humane exchange during the recruiting process.  The Talent Board believes that the best way to improve candidate experience is to provide corporations with research that helps them to benchmark and improve their operation.

During 2013, the CandE Awards process included surveys of over 46,000 employment candidates.

The Talent Board

Learn how Employers Recruited in 2012

Please join the CandE announcement list in order to download the 2012 CandE Results. The report includes surveys and interviews from North American employers and over 17,000 candidate surveys.