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The Business Case for Candidate Experience

  By Jon-Mark Sabel on HireVue ..In Talent Board’s most recent survey of 183,000 candidates, applicants were asked to rate their application experience on a scale of one to five stars. Of those who gave their experience one star, 41% indicated they would take their business elsewhere. On the other hand, 64% who gave the... read more

Spring Cleaning Your Employer Brand

By Crystal Miller Lay on ERE Spring has sprung. There are flowers in the air, a new crop of graduates preparing to enter the workforce, and spring cleaning everywhere. At home and at work, people are tidying up their places and spaces. So why not add your employer branding to the list of things to... read more

A Kickstart Guide to Candidate Experience

By Jorgen Sundberg on Link Humans With most candidates being rejected in any given recruiting process, plenty of people will have things to say about your company – good, bad and sometimes ugly. One way to improve what is being said, is to focus on the candidate experience. I’ve chatted with Kevin Grossman of the Talent Board to... read more

Recruiting Efficiency Can and Does Improve Candidate Experience

By Kevin Grossman on Reach West Recruiting is made up of a million different moving pieces. Literally. And they’re not linear either; they constantly loop back and in on themselves. Some of them help with talent attraction. Some do the heavy lifting of recruitment itself. And others help us with the final stages of the hiring... read more

Candidates’ Perception of Unfairness in the Recruiting Process

By Maury Hanigan on Recruiting Trends Every year, hundreds of millions of applications are submitted for jobs, and the overwhelming majority of them are rejected. The reaction of individuals who aren’t selected can range from indifference to rage. Thanks to new tools now available that can correlate candidate dissatisfaction to bottom-line results, employers are becoming... read more