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The Business Impact of Candidate Experience

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Presented by Kevin Grossman on HR.com

It’s well-known today that customer service impacts retention, referrals, and business. Social media has given consumers an open forum to share good (and bad) product and service experiences with all who will listen. The same is true for job seekers, and for too long employers were resistant to treating candidates as the primary customers of recruiting. But, according to the Talent Board Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards and Benchmark Research, that’s finally changing. During this informative webinar, Kevin W. Grossman, vice president of Talent Board, will share insights from CandE data on:

– The cost benefits of improving the recruiting process and candidate experience
– How a negative recruiting experience can compel candidates to share their feelings with close friends and the public
– How candidates will take their alliance, business, and relationship elsewhere
– What talent acquisition teams can do to ensure candidates enjoy a positive experience throughout the recruiting cycle

Six years of CandE Awards research conclusively demonstrates that on average 41 percent of global candidates who believe they have had a “negative” overall one-star job seeker experience (based on a 1-5 Likert Scale rating) say they will take their alliance, product purchases and relationship somewhere else. On one hand, that means a potential loss of revenue for consumer-based businesses and referral networks for all companies. On the other hand, 64 percent say they’ll definitely increase their employer relationships based on the very positive job seeker experiences they’ve had. These aren’t just the job finalists either, but the majority are individuals who research and apply for jobs and who aren’t hired.

Register now and save your spot for this webinar: Thursday, May 4, 2017, 1:00-2:00 PM EDT (10:00-11:00AM PDT)