5 Recruiting Trends for 2016

by Roy Maurer on

Hiring forecasts for 2016 are bullish, and employers aiming to increase head count will be tasked with differentiating themselves from the competition in order to win talent.

Experts predict many of the recruiting trends prevalent last year—branding, maximizing talent analytics, repairing the candidate experience and leveraging untapped sources of hire—will continue to resonate in 2016.

“As the employment market continues to tighten, it will become increasingly difficult for employers to find the quality, skilled candidates to meet their needs,” said Joanie Courtney, senior vice president, global market insights at job site Monster. “Attracting and retaining talent will remain a challenge as top candidates experience an increase of competitive job offers, along with better salaries and opportunities.”

Companies will take an even more strategic approach to talent acquisition, “becoming increasingly inventive to attract and retain valuable candidates,” said Byrne Mulrooney, CEO of Futurestep, a Korn Ferry company specializing in recruitment process outsourcing. “While 2015 indicated the start of this thoughtful attitude to hiring, we expect this approach to pay off” this year, he said.

1. Focus on Employer Branding Will Grow

Quality candidates are in the driver’s seat. And job seekers today are more sophisticated job shoppers, according to experts. “They won’t bother to apply to a company if…

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