6 crucial tips for acing an online pre-interview

A pre-interview requires a somewhat different strategy than an in-person job interview.

By Judith Humphrey on Fast Company

Job searches are stressful. A recent report by Talent Board shows that job seekers are 40% more likely to be resentful of prospective employers than they were four years ago.

Why the frustration? It often stems from not getting the job. But it can also come from feeling ignored in a job search. Companies are deluged with applications—sometimes thousands for a single position. The result is that candidates often wait and wait for an interview. Or they are not interviewed at all.

Fortunately more companies are introducing pre-interviews that allow job seekers to interact with the company more frequently and earlier in the process. These sessions are rarely done face-to-face in the company’s offices. Instead, they are typically conducted online, either with a video linkup or a voice call. In other cases, candidates are asked to respond to a set of questions.

Job seekers have a huge opportunity to put themselves forward in these pre-interviews. But to do so, they will have to master a new set of skills. Here are six guidelines that will enable you to come across successfully…

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