ABC Back to Basics: Interview Preparedness

By Michelle Morgan on PeopleCorner – Powered by PeopleScout

Always be Prepared! I interview candidates quite often that have little to no idea what the company they are interviewing with actually does. How can one confidently walk into a room and sell themselves, if they aren’t familiar with what the company is all about. How can you show that you will be a value to their brand, if you haven’t armed yourself with knowledge about what they do.

Due Diligence is vitally important to understanding the business, their mission, as well as their values. Look at their website for their mission statement. Does this align with your core values?

Look at the history of the company. What stands out to you? What excites you about the possibility of working for this particular brand? Be able to speak to these during an interview. One of the most common questions in an interview is “Why this company?” “Why do you want to work for us?” Many interviewers have a deep sense of pride in their company and the culture and you understanding that and showing you are in step with those, will help you stand out…


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