CandE Awards: Here are some companies doing candidate experience right

By Ted Bauer on RecruitingDaily

True story: at HRTX in Chicago yesterday, we met a woman who was laid off and went on 16 — yes, sixteen — interviews with a company for a new role. (Wait for the punchline.) Seven of these interviews were phone/email/etc. and nine were in-person. Yes, you can argue that she should have self-selected out of the process at some point because 16 is a little bit ridiculous, but we all need a way to earn money, right? Oh, about the punchline: after the 16 interviews, she was rejected by an automated email. LOL. Companies are not people. They can be straight-up savage.

Well, that little story above is not good candidate experience. But thankfully there is some good candidate experience out there in the world, and we have awards to prove it…


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