Candidate Communications Drive Recruiters’ Top Talent Attraction Challenges

Asked to identify their top challenges in attracting qualified candidates, 42% of recruiters and TA professionals cited “engaging passive talent,” their number one response by a significant margin. “Candidate communications,” “creating compelling job descriptions,” and “candidate diversity” all tied for their next-greatest challenge at 30% each.

The common denominator in three of these four challenges is clear: communicating effectively with job candidates. This isn’t all that surprising given the state of the current talent market. It’s extraordinarily competitive out there and employers are fighting tooth and nail for the attention of qualified candidates. Judging by the responses above, that’s easier said than done.

These responses come from our latest survey, conducted online in May/June in partnership with Sense, which garnered a total of 350 responses from recruiters and TA professionals worldwide. They answered questions regarding their efforts to better engage and communicate with qualified candidates and to enhance the candidate experiences they’re delivering. As I noted in my previous post, the survey revealed a number of insights into respondents’ use of recruiting technologies such as chatbots and conversational AI, which increasingly support the most effective and highest-rated candidate experiences.

Click here to download the full survey report, “How Chatbots & Conversational AI Improve Talent Engagement and the Candidate Experience.”

Focusing on Communications Success

The fact is, TA teams have grappled with effective candidate communications ever since Talent Board began researching the candidate experience more than a decade ago. That tells you just how complex this challenge really is.

As our survey revealed, more than one-third (36%) of respondents who report high levels of candidate communications success are now using conversational AI or basic chatbots. We expect this percentage to climb steadily into the future, especially as these technologies continue becoming more sophisticated, user friendly, and cost effective. And since engaging with passive talent is now the top challenge for recruiters and TA professionals, we also expect TA teams to leverage outbound communications efforts (recruitment marketing campaigns, for example) to a greater degree going forward.

Communicating with candidates is demanding and time-consuming work, especially for busy TA teams that are already stretched thin. As I’ve written about many times in the past, today’s TA teams can manage communications efforts more and more effectively thanks to the growing assortment of robust recruiting technologies—conversational AI and chatbots, candidate texting platforms and software, programmatic advertising solutions, and the like.

As we note in our survey report, TA teams that remain committed to communicating with candidates throughout the various stages of the candidate journey have a major advantage in attracting and hiring qualified talent because steady communication keeps valuable candidates from dropping out of the recruiting process prematurely. This is critical in the face of the talent shortfalls impacting so many employers. Companies also receive more candidate referrals (an increasingly important source of qualified talent) when TA teams communicate effectively. For instance, candidates’ willingness to refer others was 78% higher last year when they were kept apprised of their status during the recruiting process.

Of course, candidate communications was only one aspect of our survey. We also dove into the recruiting technologies TA teams are utilizing, the reasons more teams are considering implementing chatbots and conversational AI, the outcomes and benefits of using these technologies, and more. Be sure to download the full survey report to get the full story.


Be safe and well.

Kevin W. Grossman, Talent Board President

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