Candidate Experience in 2018: Addressing Recruiting’s #1 Challenge

By Jon-Mark Sabel on HireVue

Your best hires of 2018 are already employed at other companies.

Why? The US unemployment rate is 4.1%, almost a full percentage point below the “healthy” unemployment rate of 5%. “Healthy” unemployment indicates fluidity in the job market; that workers feel comfortable leaving their current job to take a chance finding another.

In other words, the best people for your organization are already employed elsewhere – and they’re not really thinking of leaving.

The New Candidate Experience: Removing Barriers to Employed Candidates

For the past few years, conversations around candidate experience focused largely on corporate reputation. “Candidates are customers” is a well-documented phenomenon, and a poor candidate experience can definitely impact a former candidate’s willingness to buy.

This is still important. In last year’s Candidate Experience Research Report, 41% of surveyed candidates who gave their experience the lowest possible score said they would be more inclined to take their business to a competitor. 64% who gave their experience the highest score said they planned on increasing their buying relationship with the employer.

But in 2018, when a record number of people are already employed, a great candidate experience is not so much a reputation management tool as it is a hiring necessity…


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