Despite Major Sourcing and Attraction Challenges, TA Teams’ Satisfaction Levels Remain High

How’s this for a head-scratcher …

Talent shortages are everywhere and the competition for qualified candidates is growing fiercer across many industries. TA teams now report losing valuable candidates to other offers, struggling with a lack of candidate diversity, and being ghosted by more and more candidates. Yet, in spite of it all, recruiters and TA professionals say they’re generally quite satisfied with their ability to attract and source new talent—and they say hiring managers and the C-suite are quite satisfied too.

This confounding set of trends, which Talent Board has reported on during the past two years, has surfaced yet again in our latest research project, a global survey of 350 recruiters and TA professionals, conducted in partnership with Clinch, a company that helps recruiting teams deliver authentic candidate experiences.

Survey participants told us their top talent sourcing/attraction challenges include candidates accepting other offers (cited by 44%), candidate diversity (33%), candidate ghosting (32%), finding worthwhile sourcing channels/partners (32%), and engaging passive talent (31%). Given these considerable challenges and the sheer number of TA teams they’re impacting, it’s reasonable to assume satisfaction levels among recruiters and their key stakeholders would be a bit lackluster, if not downright poor.

However, our survey results reveal just the opposite:

  • 75% of recruiters and TA professionals are either satisfied or highly satisfied with their current attraction and sourcing capabilities.
  • 90% of the c-suite is satisfied or very satisfied with their attraction/sourcing capabilities.
  • And 77% of their stakeholders (including hiring managers) are either satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of the candidates they’re delivering.

The obvious question is, why are satisfaction levels so high when talent attraction and sourcing are arguably more difficult than ever?

Proactive Outbound Sourcing Drives TA Team Satisfaction

As we note in our latest research report, Developing a High-Quality Candidate Pipeline in 2022, satisfaction levels are being driven primarily by respondents who are utilizing proactive outbound sourcing strategies and recruiting technologies, such as recruitment marketing, employee generated content technology, and CRM platforms. These tools and solutions enable TA teams to be more proactive and creative—and the more proactive and creative teams are, the happier they are with their results.

We can see this in relation to recruitment marketing activities, for example, as the number of recruiters who reported being “very satisfied” with the quality of candidates jumped 53% when these activities were initiated. And when employee generated content technology was implemented, recruiters who were “very satisfied” about the quality of candidates increased 27%.

As for the high levels of stakeholder satisfaction, we can’t rule out the fact that they’re impacted at least partially by participants’ opinions of how their stakeholders feel. However, a growing number of TA teams have told Talent Board that they’re surveying their stakeholders (some formally, some informally) to gain clarity on their satisfaction levels. So our survey findings aren’t based purely upon opinion.

The C-Suite Effect Appears Again

Zooming in a little more closely on the c-suite’s satisfaction levels, something striking arises: the c-suite is significantly more satisfied with recruiters’ attraction/sourcing capabilities than recruiters themselves are. While 68% of recruiters are satisfied or very satisfied with their attraction/sourcing capabilities, this figure jumps to 90% among c-suite members.

This isn’t the first time Talent Board has seen this disparity between recruiters’ perceptions and those of senior leaders. In fact, we’ve encountered it again and again during our research projects over the years. It arises from the fact that individuals who are directly responsible for recruiting have a more granular and realistic view of their own efforts than the company’s leaders do.

As our report states, recruiters and TA functional leaders need to address this perception gap with their c-suites, and the sooner the better. That might be an uncomfortable proposition, but these conversations need to happen. There’s no better way to align perceptions and create realistic talent targets and plans for the future, particularly in the face of pending talent shortfalls in so many industries.

Be sure to download our full survey report for more insights into these issues and into the current attraction and sourcing activities that are driving recruiting success.

You can also register for our upcoming webinar with Clinch where we’ll highlight the key takeaways from this report.


Be safe and well.

Kevin Grossman, Talent Board President

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