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Here’s the Latest North American Candidate Experience Report

This year’s CandE report offers some deep insights for recruiters.

By Kevin Grossman on Recruiting Trends

What an amazing year at the CandEs (as we’re known throughout the talent acquisition community–short for Candidate Experience)! The bar was definitely raised on improving candidate experience in 2018.

This year, the North American Talent Board Candidate Experience Awards Benchmark Research Program included 200 participating companies willing to take a closer look at their recruiting practices and ask their job candidates to give them feedback about their recruiting experience and to rate those experiences. The candidates provided that feedback and 130,000 job seekers shared their thoughts and experiences via the Talent Board benchmark survey.

Each year, Talent Board celebrates companies that are improving their recruiting processes and the overall candidate experience, touting them publicly and giving them special awards known as the Candidate Experience Awards (again, the CandEs for short).

Some Key Data Points

In 2018, there were an unprecedented 65 companies that had the highest positive candidate ratings in our North American benchmark research. These CandE award-winning companies–some of which are featured in this report–were identified through a blind data analysis focused on these four key data points:

  1. The candidates’ overall rating of their recruiting experience (one of many 5-point Likert Scales throughout the survey)
  2. How likely the candidates are to apply again based on their experience rating (4-point Sentiment Scale)
  3. How likely the candidates are to refer others based on their experience rating (4-point Sentiment Scale)
  4. How will the candidates change their business relationship status with the employer going forward based on their experience – i.e., applying again, referring others and making and/or influencing purchases if and when applicable (4-point Sentiment Scale)

These four key data points were then run through a calculation creating a value ranking–what we call our CandE Score–which then identifies the strongest companies with the highest positive candidate ratings and, ultimately, this year’s winners. To qualify, each company had to commit to a statistically significant candidate response, and the proportion of respondents not hired also had to exceed a set standard. No other candidate experience research effort meets these strict standards.

It’s also important to note that the majority of candidates who participated in the North American CandE research this year–92 percent overall–were those who were rejected, hadn’t heard back on next steps wherever they were in the recruiting process, or did not know of any offer at the time they completed our survey. Talent Board has found that these candidates have a greater aggregate impact on the business and the brand than those who are hired…


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