Hiring Gen Z: Insights Into Recruiters’ Greatest Challenges, Top Tactics, Key Incentives and More

Recruiting younger workers—particularly Generation Z—is an increasingly complex and difficult prospect in today’s labor market. But it’s also critical to the future of most businesses. To learn how recruiters and Talent Acquisition (TA) professionals are faring with this important hiring objective, Talent Board and First Advantage, a leading global provider of screening solutions, recently partnered to survey them.

Their responses provide keen insights into their most significant challenges, the top tactics and incentives they’re using to overcome those challenges, and the technologies they’re leveraging to attract Gen Z candidates.

Candidate ghosting, for example, is their top challenge when hiring Gen Z workers. This is followed by a lack of qualified candidates and the fact that candidates require flexible, hybrid/remote work options. Ghosting and a lack of qualified candidates are top challenges for 52% and 51% of our participants, respectively, while flexible work options are a top challenge for 35%.

Top Tactics & Incentives for Attracting Gen Z

Recruiters also told us their top three tactics for attracting candidates from Generation Z are:

  1. Ramping up their use of social media sites for jobs-related information and employment branding (61%).
  2. Posting messages about diversity, equity, and inclusion on their Careers and social media sites (38%).
  3. Communicating clear COVID-19 safety protocol messages (34%).

The top three incentives recruiters said their companies are using to attract Gen Z candidates are:

  1. Competitive compensation (48%).
  2. Medical benefits or enhancements to their current package (46%).
  3. Bonuses and other monetary incentives tied with flexible work arrangements (both at 41%).

These are just some of the insights recruiters shared with us. You can download and read our complete survey report here. The report is a timely and valuable resource for TA professionals, as the COVID-19 pandemic and turmoil in the talent market continue to complicate the hiring and onboarding processes. While the report is worthwhile for just about every employer, it should be of particular interest to those trying to fill entry-level, hourly, and lower-wage positions, which younger workers have historically occupied.

I’ll highlight what recruiters told us about the key technologies they’re leveraging to attract and hire Gen Z in my next post.

Until then, stay safe and be well!

Kevin Grossman, Talent Board President

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