Improving Candidate Experience Is Top Recruiting Goal for 2019

Talent Board releases 2018 Candidate Experience Awards research

By Roy Maurer on SHRM

Improving a job candidate’s experience—especially at the preapplication stage—is the top talent acquisition goal employers plan to focus on in 2019, according to research from the Talent Board.

The San Cruz-based nonprofit organization produces the annual Candidate Experience Awards (or the CandEs, as they are popularly known) and releases the data that determine the winners each year. The 2018 report is a comprehensive look at 200 companies’ 2018 talent acquisition practices related to candidate experience. It includes survey feedback from the organizations, job candidates and 130,000 additional job seekers.

One finding from the research is that “candidate experience and employer branding are by far the top recruiting initiatives or activities employers plan on focusing on in 2019,” said Kevin Grossman, Talent Board president, who is responsible for the global CandEs program.

“The candidate experience begins during talent attraction and sourcing, even before a potential candidate applies for a job,” he said. “Attracting candidates is one area of talent acquisition that has been given more and more attention and investment due to such a strong job market throughout 2018, with many more employers big and small across industries understanding just how competitive attracting and sourcing quality candidates truly is…”


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