The Keys to Creating Happy Candidates and Boosting Referrals

By Kevin Grossman on Reach West

There’s a lot of chatter these days about hiring the right talent at the right time. The sad fact is many employers never bother to define who the “right talent” is. They simply go about the business of filling job requisitions with people who have the obligatory skill sets.

That’s definitely not the case at inVentiv Health, a global employer with more than 15,000 workers in over 100 locations, well over $2 billion in annual revenues, and multiple Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards. You don’t achieve that kind of success by merely putting butts in seats. You actually have to hire the right talent.

So how does inVentiv Health do it?

“We look for people who will truly fit our organization, embrace our values, and strengthen and preserve our company culture,” said Katie Newland, inVentiv Health’s Employer Brand Manager, during a recent Talent Board webinar.

In other words, it’s not just about the jobs and the requisite skill sets – not by a long shot. It’s about an individual’s overall fit with the organization’s culture. To ascertain cultural fit, inVentiv Health has trained its recruiters to assess candidates on the basis of three core competencies – self-development, collaboration and being action-oriented – each of which is directly related to the company’s employer value proposition and how its people work and thrive. inVentiv Health also created guidelines that aid recruiters in interviewing candidates for cultural fit…


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