Make Every Day CandExperienceDay

And then, over 1,000 social shares later across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, it was over — the first ever #CandExperienceDay2020 on Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

Phew. That was a flurry of recruiting and candidate experience social mojo and we just didn’t know what to expect. While the day was mostly positive, according to one social measurement site, there was a 3% negative sentiment using our hashtag.

Sigh. Even with that, it was still a success and such a great way to kick off our global 2020 CandE Benchmark Research Program (which is now open for companies big and small across industries) and 10 years of elevating and promoting a quality candidate experience and the positive impact it can have!

Thank you to everyone who participated! There were many positive candidate experience stories, posts, tips, videos (check out my candidate experience readings here) and more from our participating CandE companies and CandE winners, our generous sponsors, our great partners and volunteers, and many others. Check out some of the social shares below. Just search for #CandExperienceDay2020 across the socials to find even more.

A very special thank you to Survale, exaqueo and our global program manager, Ron Machamer, for helping us pull the day together!

My own best candidate experience was actually being recruited to run Talent Board and the Candidate Experience Awards (#TheCandEs). I experienced consistent communication, expectation setting, being asked for feedback, getting valuable feedback and transparency that it wasn’t going to be easy, yet highly rewarding.

Right on. Thank you Elaine Orler, Gerry Crispin and Ed Newman (and thank you for your guidance today, Debbie McGrath)!

Globally about 25% of all candidates who responded in our 2019 CandE research said they had a great overall candidate experience and were willing to increase their relationship with the employers they had applied to. This means they’d be willing to apply again, refer others, be a brand advocate, and in the case of consumer-based companies, make purchases and influence them.

If your organization is looking to benchmark its candidate experience and understand its candidate experience perception gaps, the CandE Benchmark Research Program is the place to start today. Let’s make every day CandExperienceDay!

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