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It’s Not Just Getting the Technology Right, Hiring is Broken, but We Can Fix it

By Valeria Maltoni on Conversation Agent TM

There’s no question that technology is transforming the career market. The introduction of job boards a dozen years ago created visibility on millions of companies and their needs.

Many brands suddenly had the opportunity to increase their number of media impressions and share their business blurb through job postings. Technology has since opened the global job market opportunity wide.

But it’s not fixed hiring and the candidate experience… yet.

A brief history of technology

Organizations used job boards to advertise and market. On the operational side, they implemented Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to handle the inflow of information and the recruitment process. ATS works through keyword matching, and just like search it created a marketplace for tech to scan and identify keyword gaps#, along with advice and coaching.

Where the marketing looked appealing, the candidate experience soon became miserable. Companies on the receiving end of hundreds of resumes per posting started adding requirements to manage the flow. This led to an arms’ race between candidates competing for attention and organizations becoming more demanding of talent.

Technology eased some of the tension created by the jostling for positions by making relationships more visible — connections on LinkedIn, including past colleagues and peers, make someone and some organization more real for the job marketplace.

The introduction of, a U.S.-based job/career site where employees can post anonymously on the pros and cons of their companies, rate the CEOs and the interview process was a big step to improve the odds for candidates.

We can now cross reference media rankings of top companies where to work# with lists based on peer ratings and reviews#.

We already use ratings and reviews to pick restaurants, movies, travel destinations, books, and all kinds of other products. An example of how technology is delivering greater transparency. Experiences may vary based on departments, lines of business or divisions, but reputation does precede people and organizations.

This takes care of the marketing part. But what about the process?..


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