Strategic Recruiting Tasks Are Always Tops

There is always a value difference when considering an activity an administrative burden versus a strategic task in business. And it’s also definitely quite true in recruiting. At Talent Board, we have these conversations all the time with recruiting leaders and their teams at organizations big and small across industries.

For example, the difference you can get in candidate experience ratings between sending an automated email to rejected candidates after screening and interviewing versus picking up the phone and giving them a call. And there’s another big plus if feedback is given to the candidate on the phone calls.

When you compare the 2018 Talent Board candidate experience benchmark research data across North America, EMEA and APAC – the benefits are clear (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. The overall increase in positive candidate feedback ratings when a phone is made to tell the candidate about the screening/interview rejection (based on 2018 Talent Board research)


And globally, candidates who received job-related feedback at the end of the same day they interviewed are over 50 percent more likely to increase their relationship with those employers – which means whether or not they apply again, refers other and/or make and/or influence purchases for those that are consumer-based businesses. This is why understanding candidates’ overall perceived fairness can make a big difference to the business bottom line, and why strategic recruiting tasks are always tops.

Whether you currently measure your candidate experience or not, we encourage your organization to participate in the 2019 Talent Board candidate experience benchmark research program this year. This is a great opportunity to get confidential benchmark research data that compares you against companies big and small across industries.

You can watch a brief overview of our program here. And everything you need to know about our candidate experience benchmark research program is here.

Employers enjoy the following benchmark research program benefits:

  • Confidential research program for employers and candidates
  • Methodology resources and best practices provided
  • Comprehensive aggregate benchmarking data
  • Industry recognition for highest positive candidate ratings
  • Access to industry peers and experts on candidate experience

While there is no official deadline to register, there is a deadline to complete this year’s 2019 benchmark research:

  • North America: August 30, 2019
  • EMEA: November 1, 2019
  • APAC: November 1, 2019
  • Latin America: November 1, 2019

Your contribution to our annual research helps other companies big and small across industries improve recruiting and candidate experience around the world — and your organization benefits as well with the same benchmark research!

Here are some great testimonials from past CandE benchmark research program participants (and CandE winners – organizations that have the highest positive candidate ratings in our research):


“Using the CandE Benchmark Research Program, we have been able to identify opportunities in our Candidate Experience and develop clear strategies based on the data we receive. Tracking year-over-year changes has proved valuable as we assess the ROI on initiatives which we have implemented. We are thrilled to be able to provide a more hospitable experience for our Candidates using the CandE program.” –Greg Muccio, Director Talent Acquisition, Southwest Airlines 


“The CandE Research Program has helped us to learn from our candidates on what they want from a candidate experience with Kimberly-Clark.” –Brett Hill, Global Talent Acquisition Operations, Kimberly-Clark


“Participating in the CandE awards has allowed us to have access to data directly from our candidates meaning we have been able to change and enhance our candidate experience over the last 3 years which has led to us being a CandE Award winner the last 2 years in a row.” –Alana Bennett, Head of Talent, oOh!media


“The data and overall CandE focus has helped shine a light on something that is so critical. Every single candidate of ours falls into one of two buckets: they are either a customer or they’re a potential customer. Every interaction we have helps to shape our image with regards to our employer brand AND our consumer brand. Over the last several years we’ve been able to decrease the amount of candidates that say they will take their alliance and business elsewhere based on their candidate experience. That’s a direct impact to AA’s bottom line.” –Robert Daugherty, Director of Global Talent Acquisition, American Airlines


“The Talent Board CandE Benchmark Research Program has enabled us to see other practices and initiatives in the sector. Moreover, we got valuable and effective feedbacks from our candidates through the survey, they attended.” –Yaprak Yazgan Tellici, Human Resources Director, Etiya Bilgi Teknolojileri


“Simply completing the survey got us to thinking about what we ought to be looking into and measuring.  Obtaining the results and being able to benchmark against other organizations provides valuable insights on our competitiveness in today’s extremely tight labor market.” –Jonathan Liepe, M.A., SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Human Resources Supervisor – Talent Acquisition & Selection / HRIS, Colorado Springs Utilities


“We were able to create a candidate experience as exciting as our Missions to Mars!” –Steve Borowski, Senior Technical Recruiter, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


“If you build it (a great candidate experience) they will come!” –Ed Ryabovsky, Head of Talent Acquisition, Messer North America, Inc.


“It was the evidence we needed to kick start the change and that change is already paying off.” –Cathy Riach (Diener), Employment Brand & Partnerships Manager, BAE Systems Australia


“Winning the CandE award has ‘energized’ our Talent Acquisition team while increasing our focus on candidate experience and setting the bar for our current and future initiatives.” –Damon Vitangeli, Talent Acquisition Manager, Intermountain Healthcare


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