The Business Impact of a Poor Candidate Experience, and What You Can Do About It

By Kevin Grossman for RallyFWD on Recruiting Brief

Like it or not, the candidate experience you provide plays a major role in the success of your organization’s recruiting function.

The quality of your candidate experience influences whether a candidate will decide to apply to your organization or accept an offer at the end of your process. It will also impact whether candidates recommend that their friends or professional network consider going through your process in the future.

Beyond these talent acquisition outcomes though, did you know that a poor candidate experience has major implications for the rest of your business too, especially if you’re a consumer-based business?

At the Talent Board, we’ve spent the last 9 years focused on all things candidate experience. Based on our research and learnings over this time, here’s what I can share about the business outcomes you can anticipate if you have a poor candidate experience. Don’t stop reading now: these are risks you need to know! At the end, I share what you can do about it.

Talent Board Candidate Experience Awards

Over the past 9 years of the Talent Board CandE Benchmark Research program, there are clear competitive differentiators among employers.

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What happens when an organization has a poor candidate experience?

There are 3 potential repercussions…

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