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These companies get gold stars for their recruitment processes

By Vicki Salemi in New York Post

Countless job seekers are still getting ghosted by employers or seeing their enormous, time-consuming online job applications disappear into a black hole. Consequently, recruiting gets a bad rap.

Fortunately, despite some companies’ weak practices, others are making all the right moves. On Monday [OCT 15] in Orlando, Fla., the Talent Board (, a nonprofit that aims to elevate and change the way job candidates are dealt with during the recruiting process, will celebrate this by honoring 65 organizations at the North American Candidate Experience Symposium and Awards Gala.

After collecting the thoughts of 130,000-plus job candidates, employers were identified as winners through data analysis based on job seekers’ satisfaction-survey scores and a final analysis. This encompasses four key points: candidates’ overall ranking of their candidate experience; the likelihood they would reapply; whether or not they’d refer other job seekers to the organization; and how candidates (who might also be potential future customers) perceive the company based on their experience.

Here are some of this year’s award winners..


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