#WorkTrends Recap: Benefits of Measuring Your Candidate Experience

By Meghan M. Biro on TalentCulture

The truth is simple: your candidate experience can make or break your hiring process and potentially impact your business.

According to the latest Global Talent Board research, 41% of candidates will take their allegiance, product purchases and brand relationships elsewhere because of it. This directly impacts an organization’s bottom line and reputation.

In other words, a good candidate experience is smart marketing for an organization. A negative candidate experience is like a black eye and may cause the right candidate to turn down the job. Because if management doesn’t care about the recruiting process, what else is falling through the cracks?

This week on #WorkTrends, host Meghan M. Biro welcomed Kevin W. GrossmanTalent Board President of Global Programs discussed the research from the latest Talent Board survey


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