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Survale Candidate Feedback Platform

Real Time Candidate Feedback and Analytics to Optimize Your Recruiting Process

Take the next step in boosting candidate experience by understanding the who, what, where, when and why of all your candidate experience issues. The full version of Survale provides real-time candidate feedback that gives you unprecedented visibility into your entire recruiting process. AND it’s analytics make it easy to visualize and prioritize how to make the most impact on candidate satisfaction.

Simply log into Survale and you’ll know exactly where the strengths and weaknesses are in all areas of your hiring process. Or, Survale will send you weekly dashboard emails or alerts based on negative feedback thresholds.

From what’s happening in interviews to why offers are accepted or declined to how effective your career site is to how new hires fare in the first year of employment. No manual surveying, no exports. Just set up Survale and let it do the rest!

Automatic Candidate Experience Feedback

  • Monitor real time cNPS for hired AND rejected candidates
  • Survale integrates with your ATS and gathers feedback from candidates as recruiters move them through each stage of your process
  • From career site to application, phone screen, interview, offer, hire and through the first year of employment, Survale gathers candidate feedback from each stage.
  • Gather feedback from candidates, hiring managers and recruiters to align talent acquisition teams around common metrics
  • Feedback is gathered in the background, in real time and anchored to specific stages or interactions. No manual processes

Powerful, Intuitive Analytics to Optimize Hiring

  • Survale’s simple, drill-down analytics are always up to date with insights and issues surrounding each step of your process
  • Analyze candidate feedback by source, requisition, location, recruiter, hiring manager, diversity class – any data that you track in your ATS becomes a powerful filter for viewing your candidate experience and recruiting process
  • Understand how candidates experience your employer brand and how your process impacts it
  • Share insights with leadership, recruiters, hiring managers and any other stakeholders with secure portals with custom views
  • Easily mine comments to understand exactly what’s causing problems and how to fix them – in real time.
  • Keep issues in house and off of social media or employer review sites

Real Time Quality of Hire Data

  • Survale gathers new hire and manager feedback at intervals through the crucial first year of employment
  • It automatically monitors onboarding issues, performance milestones, cultural fit, turnover and more
  • Survale provides real-time quality of hire metrics that can be filtered by source of hire, manager, department, recruiter, region, diversity classification – any data you track in your ATS or HRMS
  • Survale catches retention-killing problems in real time while you can still intervene

Leverage your Promoters for Increased Value

  • SurvalePromote identifies satisfied candidates and employees and helps them to provide reviews on employer review sites like Glassdoor and others
  • SurvaleRefer identifies candidates by satisfaction level, location, job requisition, etc and encourages them to provide colleague referrals for your open jobs
  • SurvaleRewards lets you thank rejected candidates and keep them warm for future openings  by offering free or discount coupon codes for your products or services 

Want to see how Survale can improve your candidate experience and transform your hiring capabilities? 

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