Candidate Experience

Talent Board Can Help Optimize Your Candidate Experience Journey.

If the CandE benchmark research program, or the benchmark memberships aren’t comprehensive enough for you, then you should consider doing a complete candidate experience optimization project with our Talent Board team of seasoned practitioner advisors. 

A Talent Board candidate experience optimization project dives deeper into an organization’s CandE research data and beyond to understand the key recruiting activities and differentiators of a quality candidate experience and the potential positive and negative impact on your business.

This includes the following 4 levels of analysis: 

  1. CandE and External Data Deep Dive: We’ll review your current Talent Board candidate experience benchmark program research data, comparing it to the current aggregate employer and candidate data we collect, comparing it by industry and company size, comparing it to competitor data if available, converting Talent Board ratings to Net Promotor Scores (NPS) and analyze your candidate comment sentiment. We’ll also review external ratings on employer review sites such as Glassdoor, Indeed and others.
  2. Stage-Based Candidate Journey Mapping and More: We’ll map your candidate experience journey from pre-application to onboarding. We’ll also mystery shop your jobs (apply for them) as well as competitor jobs, review your career site content and traffic and competitor sites, review your interview structure and processes, review your social media presence and competitors, review your candidate communications (rejection templates, etc.) and we’ll review your job descriptions.
  3. Recruiter and Hiring Manager Surveys and Interviews:  We’ll survey your recruiting and hiring team for their feedback on what’s working and what’s not and conduct qualitative research based on interviews with your key recruiting and hiring manager stakeholders in your organization.
  4. Recruiting Tech Stack Review: We’ll review your current recruiting tech stack to understand what you utilize the most and what you don’t, get feedback from your recruiting and hiring team on the strengths and weaknesses of your recruiting tech stack, and make recommendations on how to better optimize your systems to improve communication, feedback, and engagement loops.

The final candidate experience optimization deliverables will include the following: 

  1. Complete optimization report with analyses, scorecard ratings, key takeaways and recommendations on what to do next, including how Talent Board can help implement.
  2. Executive summary with key takeaways and recommendations to share with leadership.
  3. A comprehensive presentation to be delivered virtually and/or in person with time for Q&A with your team (travel expenses billed separately if delivered in person).
  4. A customized training session for your recruiting team based on our overall key takeaways and recommendations from the optimization project.

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