Candidate Experience Resentment Calculator

Business Impact Assumption: For business-to-consumer (B2C) companies, 100% of the candidates who apply are also potential customers and/or influencers, and their candidate experience affects whether or not they apply again, whether or not they refer others, and whether or not they make purchases (your bottom-line revenue). Even if you’re a business-to-business (B2B) company, this calculator can help start internal discussions about potential fiscal impact of candidate experience (think referrals).

Plug in your own data below to calculate your business impact.


According to our projections:

Your rejected applicants/candidates per hire total: 99

Your annual rejected applicants/candidates total: 99,000

At a 10% overall candidate resentment rate (based on candidate responses from the most current Talent Board global annual benchmark research – those who were willing to sever the business relationship), the total number of candidates who say they'll sever their relationship is: 21,780

However, not every candidate will sever the relationship. Because of this, and because 47% of consumers have made the choice to switch to a different brand due to bad customer service within the last year (Microsoft), your annual total number of candidates who may decide not to do business with you any longer is: 21,780

Based on your annual average value of a paying customer, your Potential Lost Revenue is:


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