New Talent Acquisition Research: Pipeline Management 2023

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We want to thank our research advisory board of amazing recruiting leaders in helping us with this first topic: Pipeline Management 2023. There will be even more new recruiting research coming in 2024.

Some of the coming takeaways include:

  • Pipeline management challenges include engaging passive talent, having adequate employee referrals, and lack of candidate diversity.
  • Employers struggle to convert applicants from interest to application.
  • Only a third of employers said they were very satisfied with their recruiting team’s overall ability to effectively source, attract, and manage qualified candidates in their candidate pipelines.
  • Key candidate pipeline management measurements include candidate core skill sets, candidate job readiness, and candidate interest and willingness to apply.
  • Key technologies employers currently use to attract and engage candidates and manage their pipelines include the ATS, candidate matching and sourcing platforms/software (with or without AI), and job distribution platforms/software.
  • And many other recruiting insights!

Talent Board’s benchmark research covers recruiting and hiring experiences from pre-application to onboarding, what makes for positive and fair candidate experiences, how employers are delivering those experiences, and what CandE award winners are doing better – companies that have the highest positive candidate ratings in the Talent Board research.

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