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Talent Board to Launch CandE Benchmark Membership in 2021

After 10 years of candidate experience benchmark research, Talent Board is excited to launch a new CandE Benchmark Membership program for HR and recruiting leaders and their teams.
The Talent Board CandE Benchmark Membership is an annual membership that gives recruiting leaders and their teams an opportunity to participate in our annual benchmark research program, plus all the following benefits.

Benefits Include

  • Early Insights: As the aggregate data as it comes for the benchmark research program, our team will provide you with early insights we find.
  • Member Meetings: Belong to a network of like-minded recruiting professionals that gives you access to unique subject matter experts — join monthly members-only meetings to interact with peers and talk recruiting shop. Topics will be crowd-sourced for these meetings.
  • Master Classes: Attend quarterly master classes on improving candidate experience and exclusive content.
  • Tech Checks: We’ll offer quarterly tech checks at our member meetings to hear brief pitches from recruiting technology providers, ask them questions and provide them feedback.
  • Speaking Opportunities: You’ll receive priority professional growth opportunities that include presenting and participating on panel discussions at CandE events throughout the year.
  • Data Deep Dive: Once the benchmark research deadline passes, we’ll provide you with a deeper benchmark research analysis that includes your CandE data and the aggregate by industry, company size, job type and competitors if available (after current program year deadline passes — if you have your own internal candidate experience feedback data, we can compare and contrast that with the CandE data as well). We’ll also analyze your candidate comment sentiment and we’ll also review external ratings on employer review sites such as Glassdoor, Indeed and others.
  • Audit Intro: We’ll give you an introduction to our comprehensive CandE candidate experience audits that includes the data deep dive above. Complete audits also include mystery shopping your jobs (apply for them) as well as competitor jobs, review your career site content and traffic and competitor sites, review your social media presence and competitors, review your candidate communications (rejection templates, etc.) and we’ll review your job descriptions.
  • Team Discounts: We’ll provide you with additional team discounts for the Candidate Experience Certificate of Learning program. This is a 6-week professional development course around recruiting, hiring and improving candidate experience. (Program currently lists for $2,000 and will be offered at an introductory rate of $1,500 — we can provide an additional 10% off for teams of 5 or more.)
  • CandE Medal: We’ll get you complimentary CandE Awards commemorative souvenir medals for current program year (and multiple if you’re a CandE Winner!).
  • Complimentary CandE Tickets: We’ll give you 2 complimentary CandE Awards Conference tickets (when in-person).
  • CandEs Support: You’ll be helping the CandEs fulfill their nonprofit mission of elevating and promoting a quality candidate experience.

Membership is $5,000 per year.

More information soon on this exciting new program! Click here to learn more about the benchmark research program.

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