CandE Certificate
of Learning Program

Launching Early 2021

This course by Talent Board and is based on 10 years of Talent Board candidate experience benchmark research and best practices.

This 6-week certificate program is designed to help companies gain a competitive edge in recruiting, secure top talent, and improve their employer brand through improving candidate experience from pre-application to onboarding. Access weekly self paced modules and attend weekly live facilitated sessions.

Who Needs This Course:

  • Companies Big and Small Across Industries
  • Talent Acquisition Managers & Teams
  • HR Managers & Teams
  • Recruiters
  • Candidate Experience Professionals
  • Recruiting Marketing Professionals
  • Employer Brand Professionals
  • Talent Acquisition Solution and Service Provider Professionals

Modules Include:

  • Introduction
  • Build the Business Case
  • Brand & Attraction
  • Application & Initial Response
  • Screen & Interview
  • Hire & Onboard
  • Wrap Up

You Will Learn How To:

  • Improve overall candidate experience for external and internal candidates
  • Improve hiring metrics and analytics
  • Increase quality of job applicants and hires, and fewer candidate withdrawals
  • Increase quality of candidate referrals
  • Improve recruiting process and future business relationships with present and future candidates
  • Make the business case to improve your recruiting and hiring

Program Time Commitment:

Prepare for 2-3 hours per week with a total course time of 15 hours over the six week program.

The CandE Certificate of Learning Program is $2,000 per person

(Special 2021 introductory rate of $1,500 available — an additional 10% off for teams of 5 or more)

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