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Candidate Experience:
How to Improve Talent Acquisition to Drive Business Performance

Achieve a world class candidate experience with this practical, evidence-based guide to attract, acquire, engage and retain the employees the business needs to succeed.

Written for HR professionals and all those responsible for talent acquisition, this evidence-based guide explains what candidate experience is, why it matters and how it impacts the bottom line.

Candidate Experience discusses why talent acquisition is more than just recruitment and provides expert guidance on all the key phases of the experience: attraction, application, interviewing, offer and onboarding. There is a clear explanation of how to use data, metrics and KPIs to track and measure candidate experience as well as essential coverage of how to excel at recruitment in a post-Covid world from remote interviewing to surge hiring and identifying the new skills a company needs to thrive. This book takes a strategic approach to candidate experience and offers advice on how to deal with business resistance whether this is due to cost, time, regulation or perceived value.

Supported by insights from more than 10 years of research in the area from over 1,200 companies and over 1.25 million candidates, practical tools such as a business impact calculator and case studies from organizations including AT&T, Walgreens and Deluxe, this is essential reading for all those responsible for acquiring and engaging the talent the business needs to succeed.

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About the Authors

Kevin W. Grossman is the President of Talent Board, a research organization which provides industry benchmarks to show the business impact of effective candidate experience. Based in Santa Cruz, California, he has more than 22 years’ experience in human capital and talent acquisition strategy and is responsible for the Candidate Experience Awards worldwide.

Adela Schoolderman was the Director of Learning Programs and Advisory Services at Talent Board. Based in Seattle, Washington, she has 14 years’ experience in talent acquisition, specializing in management consulting and technology recruiting within the financial services, life sciences, healthcare, retail and hospitality industries.

Book Reviews

This book is rooted in hands-on, practical knowledge that TA leaders can put to use day one to take their Candidate Experience to world-class levels. Kevin and Adela have literally given you the cheat code for success!”

Tim SackettPresident, HRU Technical Resources Author of The Talent Fix: A Leader's Guide to Recruiting Great Talent

What Kevin Grossman and Adela Schoolderman don’t know about candidate experience isn’t worth knowing! In Candidate Experience: How to Improve Talent Acquisition to Drive Business Performance you will gain everything you need to deliver the best experience possible for the humans in the recruitment process. Why? Because people make businesses succeed and if you are giving the people you’d like to hire a poor experience, you are damaging the future of your company in more ways than you’d think. Based on 10+ years of research, and full of case studies and easy to implement steps, this is the book you need to ensure your company delivers an exceptional candidate experience.

Katrina CollierAuthor: The Robot-Proof Recruitment Facilitator & Speaker

In today's talent short labour market, providing superior candidate experience might be the advantage which makes the biggest difference to companies competing to hire. Few people know more about the topic than Kevin Grossman and Adela Schoolderman. They prove it with this definitive guide which operates as a how-to on each aspect of CX. It's a must read folks.

Hung LeeCurator of the weekly newsletter Recruiting Brainfood

At last, the definitive book on the Candidate Experience! Built on the back of years of research and some compelling case studies, the book analyses the constituent parts of the candidate experience. It offers evidence-based, actionable insights to improve this vital element of effective talent acquisition. An absolute must-read for anyone looking to improve the way their company recruits.

Matt AlderProducer and Host of The Recruiting Future Podcast

In their new revolutionary book titled, titled Candidate Experience: How to Improve Talent Acquisition to Drive Business Performance, coauthors, Kevin Grossman and Adela Schoolderman, have created a book that should become a foundational tool for all Talent Acquisition professional training. This book embarks on the candidate journey relationship with a company and delves into a decade of data and case studies to define who is a candidate and simply what is the best candidate experience they should have from world-class employers who seek to maximize their brand’s long term success in retaining talent. Kevin and Adela have studied multiple year CandE Award winners and shares their best practices and philosophy to ameliorate the candidate selection process. I can’t wait to share this book with C-suite executives to show how a “customer” is treated after not being selected can be just as powerful as the ones that you select to operate the company.

Cathy HeneseySPHR, CHHR, SHRM-SCP Vice President, Talent Acquisition | HR Shared Services AdventHealth

Kevin and Adela provide the reader with a methodical approach in understanding the candidate experience through a comprehensive question and answer framework. The authors focus on critical competencies of candidate experience including employer branding and recruitment marketing which are essential to building a successful talent acquisition organization.

Jennifer O’BrienGlobal Talent Acquisition Leader of Candidate Attraction & Experience Booz | Allen | Hamilton

Kevin and Adela are thorough professionals in the field of Candidate Experience. There is a judicious mix of story-telling with reference to theory, process and case studies. Organizations of any size that wishes to acquire talent, irrespective of the scale and complexity can leverage this book to enrich their Candidate Experience journey. This book sets the gold standard on how to use this framework as a platform for change in the new hyper-connected economy were the war for talent is intense. In short this book can be called 'Candidate Experience Bible.'"

E.Subramanian SubbuSenior Vice President & Global Head of Talent Acquisition Virtusa

In their first book together, titled Candidate Experience: How to Improve Talent Acquisition to Drive Business Performance, coauthors, Kevin Grossman and Adela Schoolderman, have created a treasure trove of valuable content and information centered around the candidate experience. Accessing over a decade of data from The Talent Board, the research is validated throughout the book. This book is a leadership book for anyone in Talent Acquisition faced with improving their business and especially their focus on candidate experience.

Elaine OrlerManaging Director, Consulting Cielo – Global RPO Partner

Anyone who questions how a poor candidate experience can negatively impact a business should read this book. Kevin and Adela spent years tackling this research and it pays off here. Very clear and practical ways to improve candidate attraction, screening, interviewing, and hiring for any company trying to figure out how to yield better results. Not only can this lead to a great hire, but an energized and motivated one too!

David CrawfordVice President, Talent Acquisition NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

This book is a must read for anyone wanting to positively impact candidate experience within your business or organization! Kevin and Adela offer their subject matter expertise by sharing the inside scoop of why candidate and customer experience matters, and what you can do about it. The real-life examples included in the book, of how companies are tackling this mission today, are especially practical in helping you think about operationalizing strategies within your own company! With the growing importance of equity in the hiring process, and the rising focus on customer obsession - this is a resource greatly needed for today’s leader.

Lisa BianchiniDirector - Talent Strategy & Experience Comcast

“Selling your opportunity to a candidate is hard work. The tools provided in the Candidate Experience helps the employer by providing a process created through many years of experience. The Candidate Experience gives the hiring manager solutions and a process to get through the valleys when you feel like you’ve tried everything and are still failing.”

Kari FranksVice President Administration Transystems, LLC

“As a tech leader myself in search to find top rare talent, I attach really well to the author's pragmatic take and emphasis on how critical it is to 'humanize' recruitment experience. This is literally a ‘done for you’ playbook that can help you make wins with attracting top talent and also enhance your company's brand!”

Kapil AssudaniChief Information Security Officer

Current and comprehensive guide to champion the candidate experience. Hiring leaders will benefit from the insights in this book as well.

Bethany Q.Tenured People Leader

Talent Board has demonstrated the business value of positive hiring practices by elevating and promoting a quality candidate experience for over 10 years now. The global proven practices that have come from this research combined with strategic and tactical practitioner insights make this a must-read for HR and talent acquisition leaders and their teams. Kevin and Adela have done an outstanding job with this book.

Debbie McGrathFounder and CEO of Talent Board Chair

When it comes to candidate experience there are a great number of voices weighing in with thoughts and ideas, but the authors are uniquely positioned to leverage years of data and experience to provide high quality actionable ideas to improve your candidate experience. This is more acutely critical in the current environment where over half of all candidates have multiple offers to consider. We as TA Leaders can only ever be as good as the quality of experience we provide to our candidates. This book finally gives TA Leaders the Candidate Experience road map to move ahead of our competitors and capture the best candidates in the market.

Jim D’AmicoGlobal Talent Acquisition Leader Proud Past Board President and Charter Member of the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP)

Candidate Experience: How to Improve Talent Acquisition to Drive Business is a must-read for all TA and HR professionals, hiring managers, and frankly, CEOs. Grossman and Schoolderman discuss this critical-to-business topic head-on and break the candidate experience down in a simplified way that helps business leaders understand why it’s so important and best practices to improve, including details about the CandE Awards and benchmark research program. Because I never stop thinking about the candidate experience (and neither should you), this book is at my fingertips at all times.

Brandie DawsonDirector, Global Talent Acquisition & Candidate Experience Valvoline, Inc.

I settled in for a 14-hour flight and I figured that I would begin reading this book. Well, that was not a good idea. I literally could not put it down. For the next five hours till I fell asleep. This book had me reaching for a pen to highlight, make notes etc. If you are in any way interested in creating, upgrading your employee experience, this is the book for you. It is full of case studies, practical examples and thought-provoking insight. One of the other insights among many was that it is all evidence based. Sure, the theory is there but it is backed up and anchored with so much practical everyday solutions. For anyone in HR, this is a MUST READ. I do know that I will be recommending it to all my clients across the globe.

Ron ThomasManaging Director Strategy Focused Group, International Speaker

As a tech leader myself in search to find top rare talent, I attach really well to the author's pragmatic take and emphasis on how critical it is to 'humanize' recruitment experience. This is literally a "done for you" playbook that can help you make wins with attracting top talent and also enhance your company's brand!

Kapil AssudaniChief Information Security Officer

I downloaded a preview of Kevin and Adela’s book thinking that it would be one of those tasks that I would get to, if time allowed. I started reading a couple of pages of their book and was so engrossed with their content that the next thing I looked at my watch and I had been reading for close on an hour. The content that is discussed in this book is so pertinent to today’s world of recruitment, I found myself wanting more! A big shout out to Kevin and Adela and for putting together such an amazing book – it is going to be a must read for anyone in our industry!

Vanessa RaathHead Cheerleader/Owner, The Talent Hunter, International Keynote Speaker

When I think of ‘candidate experience,’ I can't help but think of Kevin and the rest of the team that have done the most in-depth research on the planet into such a critical talent practice. This book takes that research and makes it highly practical, giving every talent-focused business leader a clear plan for how to drive a better candidate experience through a blend of stories, data points, and actionable strategies.

Ben EubanksChief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

“Many see the focus on Candidate Experience as a new trend in recruiting. However, if not for the efforts of Kevin and his fellow luminaries over the past 3 decades, we would never be where we are now. Kevin and Adela have done a masterful job of highlighting the history of Candidate Experience while weaving in current and relevant scenarios that demonstrate the impacts of Candidate Experience on a company's bottom line. Well done Kevin and Adela!”

Matthew McDonaldDirector of Talent Acquisition, Athene

“We have always highly valued the importance of a positive candidate experience. Collaborating with the Talent Board has highlighted the many layers of the candidate relationship and identified areas of opportunity. This book pulls together years of analysis and identifies best practices for improvement. You can’t make changes all at once so recognizing each stage of the candidate experience and prioritizing where you can make it better for your candidates is critical. The contents and direction provided this this book will help develop a strategy for continual improvement.

Shuree Sockel gsTalent Acquisition Systems Manager, Enterprise Holdin

Kevin and Adela’s new book on the Candidate Experience is THE book on the subject. If you have ever doubted the importance to your business of a positive candidate experience, or if you need evidence to make the case to others, this book is critical. As leader of the Talent Board, Kevin has championed the study of the candidate experience for many years, and this excellent book presents their findings in an easy to read and fascinating manner.

Eric Sydell, Ph.D.EVP Innovation at Modern Hire, Coauthor of Decoding Talent: How AI and Big Data Can Solve Your Company’s People Puzzle

This highly readable and engaging book fills a huge gap in the bookshelf of talent acquisition thought leadership. Whether you’re a wizened veteran of the talent wars or just starting out on your recruiting career, Kevin and Adela’s wisdom will position you for real and sustained success.

Peter WeddleCEO, TAtech: The Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions

This book is a must have for talent acquisition teams looking to improve candidate experience. Kevin has been a leader in bringing candidate experience to the boardroom. The benchmarking reports, powered by Survale, accompanied with TA leadership insights and practical hands-on advice are something every TA practitioner can benefit from.

Jason MoreauCEO Survale, Official Feedback Platform of the Talent Board’s CandE Awards

At the risk of sounding like the trailer for a dramatic movie . . . IN A WORLD WHERE CANDIDATE AND EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE MATTER - are recognized for their organizational impact, Kevin and Adela provide overarching and specific insights based on the successes of heroes and pragmatists. It's based on true stories of people like you. People who care and who made a difference. This easy to navigate, choose your own adventure is packed with actionable ideas you can put to work today to become a champion - to your candidates, team, and organization.

Jim FoxHead Of Human Resources, Family Resource Center of Northwest Ohio, Inc

Anyone who questions how a poor candidate experience can negatively impact a business should read this book. Kevin and Adela spent years tackling this research and it pays off here. Very clear and practical ways to improve candidate attraction, screening, interviewing, and hiring for any company trying to figure out how to yield better results. Not only can this lead to a great hire, but an energized and motivated one too!

David CrawfordVice President, Talent Acquisition, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

While having a focus on Candidate Experience for Companies makes common sense, it is actually not that common. Kevin an Adela’s book is a great place to get started.

Greg MuccioSenior Director, Talent Acquisition Southwest Airlines

Though there has always been a candidate experience, it hasn’t always been top of mind for most organizations. This book, more than a “Dummies” guide to improved candidate experience, is a thorough review of what makes a great candidate experience while looking through the DEI lens. It includes many quick takeaways for an immediate impact, but more importantly, it provides ways to develop an excellent program for a world-class candidate experience. This book is a must-read for the CXO to the front-line recruiter—if they’re serious about improving the candidate experience.

Scot SessionsCEO, TalVista

The landscape of work has forever shifted and evolved. Now is the time to ensure that the candidate experience is tangible and viable in organizations. Kevin Grossman and Adela Schoolderman have given us a well-crafted approach showing how a great candidate experience differentiates your company’s culture and directly makes a positive impact on your business. Their book is a must have resource as you develop and implement your on-going talent strategy.

Steve BrowneSHRM-SCP Chief People Officer LaRosa’s, Inc., Author of HR on Purpose !! and HR Rising !!

When I started recruiting, candidate experience was an afterthought. It's key to an organization's success and sustainability now. This book is a tremendous resource in learning why it's important and how you can apply concepts from employers that are defining the best-in-candidate experience to your own business

Jon ThurmondHost, The #HRSocialHour Half Hour Podcast

Anyone in the recruiting world knows candidate experience is important. What we don’t always have is the data to back it up. In Candidate Experience, Kevin and Adela combine data from the Talent Board research and real life experiences to give you tangible actions to improve candidate experience in your organization today!

Wendy DaileyTalent Acquisition Professional, HR Social Hour Podcast Host

Candidate Experience: How to Improve Talent Acquisition to Drive Business Performance is a wonderful marriage of candidate experience feedback and recruiting best practices. The book is a “how to” that any new or seasoned Sourcer, Recruiter or Leader can benefit from

Mary BroganGlobal Head of Talent Sourcing, Intuitive

Kevin and Adela dive deep into the candidate experience and share their knowledge and expertise. They explain the candidate experience process in detail, and share detailed best practices and benchmarks to assist companies with improvement of the candidate experience. This book will not only help talent acquisition leaders and practitioners, but allows anyone in an organization to understand the importance and impact of candidate experience.

Patrick OrrDirector, Talent Acquisition Waste Management

Candidate Experience is the playbook for Talent Acquisition to ensure the hiring strategy meets the expectations and needs for both the candidates and the business. Grossman and Schoolderman provide an overview of candidate experience, why candidate experience is important and the business impact. By impacting the candidate experience, you impact everyone’s experience in the hiring process including talent acquisition and the business. This is a must read for anyone who is apart of the hiring process.

Jodi BrandstetterAuthor of Hire By Design and HR By Design

The way we engage, interact, and respond to humans will forever be in their personal memory. Kevin Grossman and Adela Schoolderman are providing you with the tools and recommendations to ensure you create a remarkable candidate experience. At the end of the day, we have to choose to create a positive experience and I promise you that the book you now hold in your hands will support the goal of positive intentions.

Mike Sipple, Jr.CEO, Talent Magnet Institute and Centennial Executive Search

A must read for business and talent acquisition leaders struggling to recruit great talent. Adela and Kevin(or book name) have provided a thought-provoking guide on how to ensure that the best and brightest people always want to be affiliated with your brand - even when their application for employment has been declined. The Resentment Calculator demonstrates just how much a negative candidate experience is impacting your brand and the ability to attract great talent.

Maureen NegliaExecutive Talent Leader, Consulting – Past VP of HR - Global Talent Acquisition & Workforce Strategies/Planning Scotiabank

Candidate experience is critical to any organization's talent pipeline and hiring success. This book provides the information you'll need to better understand how candidate experience can be the difference maker you need in strategic talent acquisition. The future of your organization depends on it.

Brian White, pHCLE, SPHR, SHRM-SCPExecutive Director of Human Resources and Operations, Auburn-Washburn USD 437