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Based on the 10+ years of candidate experience benchmark research, Talent Board offers custom CandE Workshops and Training Seminars for recruiting leaders and their teams
Our customized workshops and training seminars will help you and your team understand the key recruiting activities and differentiators of a quality candidate experience and the potential positive and negative impact on your business. Workshops and training can be virtual or delivered onsite and can run 2-4 hours or be multiple days if requested.

Example Topics Include:

  • Why Candidate Experience Is important: The Business Impact 
  • Key Points in the Recruiting Process Where Candidate Experience Matters:
    • The Recruiting Kick-off Meeting with the Hiring Manager
    • A Little Attention Goes a Long Way with Job Postings, Applications and Phone Screens
    • Effectively Presenting Candidates to the Hiring Manager and Interview Prep
    • How to Provide a Quality Candidate Experience for Non-Selected Candidates
  • And many more

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