[Recording] Better Hiring Through Data: Using AI to Build a More Diverse Workforce

You already know prioritizing diversity in hiring is crucial. But how do you actually do it? Check out the webinar recording below to learn more!

It’s a fact: Humans are biased. Research shows that no matter the pains we take to be fair and rational, biased thinking is just part of our wiring. We instinctively align ourselves with people and ideas that reflect who we are and what we value. Bias has been a concern for hiring professionals for decades, and new initiatives to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace make figuring out what to do about it more urgent than ever.

The good news is that understanding what data to use in your hiring process, how to collect it, and the responsible application of technologies like artificial intelligence to augment decision-making can be the key to hiring the most diverse and effective workforce possible.

Watch this webinar recording from October 22nd to learn more about:

-Why diversity and inclusion in the workplace matter
-Why bias is so difficult to eliminate from the hiring process
-How some hiring tools actually replicate and promote bias
-How modern data collection approaches are essential to creating a more diverse workplace

Find out how using rigorous, applied science to measure bias and deploy augmented intelligence can align your hiring decisions and outcomes with your organizational goals.

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