Beyond Tactics: Developing a Candidate Experience Strategy and Understanding for the Future

We all know now, how impactful the candidate experience is—from word of mouth marketing to driving acceptance and retention to our organizations’ ability to sell goods and services. But we’ve always looked at the experience as tactical and process driven—from where we sit in HR. With that in mind, and in partnership with industry leaders at The Talent Board, CareerXRoads, and a number of Fortune 500 and high-growth companies, we have developed the new employee lifecycle and candidate experience model just in time for #CandExperienceDay2020.

By putting the individual at the center of the model, we can focus on the journey the candidate and employee takes throughout their employment experience from the first time they’re even aware the organization exists to transitioning out of a role or the organization. It’s not about the process human resources and organizational leaders follow. Leaders have to think like the audience–and put themselves in the shoes in candidates and employees, understand how they feel and what they experience along the way.

In this webinar on #CandExperienceDay2020 we’ll introduce you to the model, the measurement tactics, and why it’s important we come together as an industry to shift our thinking. Whether your company has 200 employees or 200,000, you’ll walk away with a plan and strategy you can use now.

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