Employer Branding Proven Practices from the CandEs

COVID-19 changed everything and continues to do so. It’s drastically altered the global economy across industries and how employers recruit and hire people. Companies were put into a forced level of transparency like never before – constant empathetic candidate communication became the norm for many since the state of recruiting and hiring were in flux.

How job candidates and current employees were treated and will be treated will continue to impact their perception of an employer and its brand for years to come, which is why employer branding and marketing efforts need special attention and care.

Virtual work will also remain a competitive differentiator for companies beyond covid. In fact, if business leadership requires employees to be onsite, even with safety protocols in place, recruiting and retaining critical employees who may have more flexible remote opportunities elsewhere will be very difficult, impacting brand perception even further. The hybrid remote/onsite world is here to stay.

Join Talent Board president Kevin Grossman as he shares Candidate Experience Benchmark Research insights including:

  • How candidates want more information on company culture, employee testimonials (more videos, too!), diversity & inclusion initiatives, career path opportunities and community & sustainability initiatives
  • How recruiting and retaining critical employees who may have more flexible virtual opportunities elsewhere will be very difficult
  • How employers can improve empathic virtual communication and feedback loops throughout the recruiting and hiring process
  • How candidates and employees may take their alliance, product purchases, and relationships elsewhere when they have poor experiences, which impacts employer brand

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