[Recording] Harnessing AI in Hiring: What You Need To Know

Check out the webinar recording below with Modern Hire to learn more!

Modern Hire views AI as a critical part of modern talent management systems because it can:

  1. Score complex and unstructured data for meaning and in a way that can predict important outcomes like job performance
  2. Is capable of integrating different types and sets of data in mathematically optimal ways, quickly

As with any powerful tool, AI can be used inappropriately and unethically. And, unfortunately, the easiest path to AI development often involves training algorithms using human-generated data, which nearly always results in the replication of human bias. As a result, there is widespread use of bias-causing AI in the market, and much of this bias is hidden behind intellectual property rights or simply not monitored in the first place.

To be ultimately successful, AI must be human-centric. It must be fundamentally designed and developed to benefit individuals in a fair and just manner. To do this, Modern Hire believes we must follow strict and rigorous AI development standards.

Watch this webinar recording from December 10th to the find out the:

  • Hazards of using AI without rigorous oversight
  • Benefits AI offers talent acquisition leaders and their candidates
  • Standards for using AI in hiring to maximize benefit and eliminate risk

AI has vast potential to benefit humankind, but the unintended consequences of its improper use can be lasting and destructive. Ensure you are part of using AI for the benefit of all people.

Eric Sydell, PhD
EVP, Innovation
Modern Hire

Nick Koenig, PhD
Principal Data Scientist
Modern Hire

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